Faculty contact information

Faculty and Staff Emails and Remind 101 Codes 

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Faculty Contact Information

Teacher Name Position E-mail Remind Code
Baker, Robin 6th Grade Science robin.baker@wcsk12tn.net 6th Grade Science: @h2ecgf
Baker, Stacey 6th Grade Reading Language Arts stacey.baker@wcsk12tn.net 3rd/4th and 6th/7th: @sbaker1920 and 2nd: @2baker1920
Brent, Natalie 6th Grade Math, 7th SS, Girls B-ball natalie.brent@wcsk12tn.net @brent6math and @brent7ss
Brown, Jennifer School Nurse jennifer.brown@wcsk12tn.net @mmsnursej
Brown, Jimmy School Resource Officer jbrown@martindps.org
Carithers, Catherine 7th Grade Reading Language Arts catherine.carithers@wcsk12tn.net
Carter, Dena 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies dena.carter@wcsk12tn.net 6th grade: @carterss6 and 7th grade: @carterss7
Castleman, Matthew 6th - 8th Grade Special Education matthew.castleman@wcsk12tn.net ELA 2nd @mcastlem and 6th math @7k4eh6
Gallimore, Jamie 7th Grade Math and Algebra I jamie.gallimore@wcsk12tn.net 7th Math: @gallimo Algebra I: @bd4e9b
Gardner, Jon Principal jon.gardner@wcsk12tn.net 6th Grade:@af84ghe 7th Grade: @c927fh 8th Grade: @47a736
Hamblen, Pam Secretary pam.hamblen@wcsk12tn.net
Jackson, Jackie 6th and 7th Grade Science jacqueline.jackson@wcsk12tn.net
Keeling, Sherry 8th Grade Reading Language Arts sherry.keeling@wcsk12tn.net
Kerney, Lisa Special Education lisa.kerney@wcsk12tn.net 3rd Period: @bfbcha 5th Period: gheb6a and 6th Period: egcafb
Knott, Aaron 6th Grade Reading Language Arts, Baseball, and Football aaron.knott@wcsk12tn.net @abg449d
Mullins, Becky 7th Science, 8th Science, Cross country becky.mullins@wcsk12tn.net 7th Science: @fh9hkc 8th Science: @32442f
O'Neal, Shannon Librarian and Yearbook Sponsor shannon.oneal@wcsk12tn.net
Orr, Avery 8th U.S. Social Studies avery.orr@wcsk12tn.net @asorr52
Pack, Kyle 8th PE/Health and Head Football Coach kyle.pack@wcsk12tn.net
Perry, Mary 8th Grade Reading Language Arts mary.perry@wcsk12tn.net
Reed, Kelsey 6th Grade PE/Health kelsey.reed@wcsk12tn.net
Scott, Sheena 8th Grade Science sheena.scott@wcsk12tn.net @79c2k8
Shumake, Kristy 8th Grade Mathematics kristy.shumake@wcsk12tn.net
Sliger, Andy 7th Grade PE/Health and Head Football Coach andy.sliger@wcsk12tn.net
Smith, Krystle Literacy Leader and RTI krystle.smith@wcsk12tn.net
Spendlove, Brandy 7th Grade Reading Language Arts and Girls' Soccer brandy.spendlove@wcsk12tn.net
Steele, Rebecca Music rebecca.steele@wcsk12tn.net
Stigall, Michael Assistant Principal mike.stigall@wcsk12tn.net
Tucker, Mike 6th-8th Grade Band mike.tucker@wcsk12tn.net
Unger, Keith Guidance Counselor keith.unger@wcsk12tn.net
Ussery, Lee 6th and 8th Grade Reading Language Arts lee.ussery@wcsk12tn.net 6th: @fc9334 8th: @2d3aa8g
Vaughn, Samantha 6th & 7th Grade Math Teacher samantha.vaughn@wcsk12tn.net 6th Grade Math: @vaughn6th & 7th Grade Math: @vaughn7th
Ware, Kimberly 8th Grade Social Studies kimberly.ware@wcsk12tn.net 6th Grade: rmd.at/mrskware: 8th Grade: rmd.at/42h9